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    Hi, I am new to carniverous plants. I just bought a large terrarium, but do not have enough plants to fill it. I need any type of plant or seeds you can spare. I am willing to pay postage, or work some thing out thru PMs . Please help me get started with this great hobby!
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    Hi Llewella

    Welcome to the forums. I think you will enjoy your new hobby once you get started.

    Did you read the pinned topic (located at the top of the Trade Forum in grey) for the Trade Forum rules?

    There are lots of very generous people here at PFT and there are many offers of trades or giveaways. It is much better to wait until someone makes an offer of a giveaway than to ask for seeds or plants. Once someone offers, you can politely ask to be included. It is also good if you learn about how to care for the plants you want prior to receiving them so you don't get disappointed if something doesn't make it. (And that happens to EVERYONE). That way once you DO get some plants, you will be able to enjoy them more.

    This company, Exotic Gardens/, also offers very nice, healthy plants that are quite suitable for a beginner to start with (and reasonably priced). And then you have the forums here to support you when you need help with anything.

    Good luck...I'm sure you'll have fun with it!

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