Hi All ---

Just wanted to let you know... we're moving officially this week to Austin, TX.

Our bog is full of beautiful plants that won't live where our new space is --- so we're going to offer them up to the forum members.

HEre's the scoop - private message me your interest. The first to private me will have the first option to buy. I'll put a notice up when the plants are all gone.

I'll probably only be able to contact the buyers --- so if you dont hear from me, assume the plant is already gone.

We're going to use these funds to expand our lab area so we can grow some more faboo plants for you guys! I can't wait to post pics of the new offices/grow rooms!

Here's what we have -

about 4 huge (3 feet tall) s. leucophylla $30.00 each
about 6 huge clumps of flytraps $25.00 each and I do mean HUGE
1 s. flava large $25.00
about 5 s. wrigleyana (scarlette belle) $20.00 each
about 5 HUGE d. filiformis $25.00 each
A couple of very large sarracenia that I've lost track of like Mardi Gras, rubra, etc. 25.00 each.
A few large clumps of green dragon flytraps $20 each


Keep in mind - that the prices above are for bare root plants. IT will take us a week to ship them at least. And the prices reflect the age and size as well as a creative way to add funds to our project of expanding the lab.

Thanks a lot for your support guys!