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    Hi folks, it's time to revisit the basic trading forum rules. Andrew allows us to use his webspace, out of his own pocket, so let's try to live by the following:

    1) Please do NOT post to BUY or SELL anything in the trading forum, use the classifieds section for this. The rules for the classifieds can be seen here! You may ask for compensation for shipping, but that is all. Also, please don't say "free plants" and charge $13 for shipping.

    2) Patience is a virtue! Postings solely to ask for free plants is greedy. Everyone here knows what it's like to be a newbie, and to want them ALL right NOW. Just wait, and check the trading plants get offered by growers periodically. If there is some specific plant you're after, go ahead and post a "I'm looking for a...," but please state what you have for trade in your post. Do not abuse the generosity of the membership. And don't jump in on EVERY give-away. Let others have a chance.

    3) Please be polite. Remember to say "please" and "thank you." We would like to keep this forum as friendly as possible.

    4) When you agree to a trade, please honor it. If there is going to be a delay in shipping your package, please just PM the person who's supposed to get it and let them know why, and how long you expect it to take. Most people are quite patient.

    If you feel you have been cheated in a trade, please report it to a mod. You are NOT being a tattle-tale. If you got cheated, and the person thinks they can get away with it, they will do it to someone else. We want, as I said before, to keep this a friendly forum.
    Bad traders will be banned, as a last resort, if the moderators feel all other avenues have been exhausted in an effort to resolve a trade issue. Please make every effort to fulfill your trade deals. If there is a problem, for example the plant died before it was shipped, work something out with the other party. Bad traders that have been reported to us and we have not been able to fully help resolve the issue will result in the users being listed in the 3-Level Questionable/Deadbeat Traders list.

    5) Please only make legal trades on this forum. Make sure, if you're shipping (or receiving from) overseas, that everyone has the correct paperwork.

    There have been a lot of people posting looking for handouts on seeds, leaves etc. An example would be...."I NEED some cobra lilys!!!" With no mention of what you may have to trade.

    The quickest ways to end the generosity of the folks on the forum that regularly give away stuff is to make such posts, and or jump on every giveaway with your hands out.

    When people have something extra that they are willing to send free or for postage, they will make a post! Otherwise please keep your posts limited to items you have for trade and what you are looking to trade for.

    Also it is quite rude to badger people VIA PM about plants that they have in their grow list that they have not mentioned they would like to trade/give away. Big NO NO! And should be reported using the report PM button
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    Quoted from Larry (Ill take none of the credit) since he did an excellent job on this...

    Ok, it seems a LOT of people don't know what a S.A.S.E is. It stands for Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.

    Here's an image I hope will help. If the explanation isn't clear, please message me suggestions. Feel free to use this image in your trading posts to explain what a SASE is.

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