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Thread: Dead beat traders list updated.

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    You have no right to sit in "judgement" of us. You lied, cheated, stole, swore, and decieved. You say we did not communicate with you, another blatant lie. You were contacted by us multiple times and all you chose to do was ignore what we said and try to sneak back in here. I believe the only reason you are chosing to reply now is because we have threatened to involve your parents.

    Ludwig owes you nothing, everything he said was true. You tried to cheat him out of payment for the Nep he sent you. You owe him an apology.

    Ram owes you nothing, he is an administrator for this board and it is his job to protect it from individuals like you.

    You owe all of us an apology for the way you treated us and the way you abused this community

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    My My¡K

    Well, at least finding and banning you won¡¦t take any effort this time around!

    Let me re-iterate a few points here.

    You stole money and made no attempt to make good on the trade. If the money is in fact in the mail, it is something you should have done months ago. If you had made good on this then, everything would have been fine. However, nothing you can do can make good on it now, sure, you can square up with Ludwig money wise, but by no means does he, or I, or any other Mod owe you an apology. That is laughable. *

    as for me taking things to personal (your orignal deleted post).. you have got to be joking right? I mean seriously... and what if I have taken some of it personally.. you come take my forums (I run them for Phil, and I DO WORK for **********.) and you trash them with crap like this and I am not supposed to take it personally? Your lucky to have come away with as impersonal a response as you got.

    Furthermore, you repeatedly went around us Mods when we banned you, and for that you can be given no quarter. *You were not banned for bad behavior like some people we have let back in, you were banned because you are a THEIF!

    No Apology, no Remorse, no Regret. *You should take this opportunity to think about what you did, own up to your responsibilities, and act like an adult about this. You may be a kid, but part of growing up is learning not to be a kid, to be responsible towards yourself and other people. Your little ¡¥judgment day¡¦ posts do nothing but show you still do not accept responsibility. You still need to take time, sit back and think about what you lost because you thought it would be fun to screw over a fellow member (A generous one at that&#33[img]http://www.**********.com/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif[/img]

    AM I done? I think I am done¡K I want to say so much more about what I think about you, but my effort here is not to drive you to tears, it is not to make people blush at what type of language I can spit out at people I truly despise (as much as that in itself embarrasses and disgusts me about myself). *My point is to hopefully put a close on this whole sordid affair and be done with it. *I have said my piece.

    Goodbye, I wish you well in life, regardless of what you may think. I know you will grow up and most likely become a decent contributing member of society. To bad you threw away a chance to hang out with some of the truly great role models on this board. (No, I do not consider myself one of them! ļ )

    \"Maybe in order to understand mankind, we have to look at the word itself: \"Mankind\". Basically, it\'s made up of two separate words - \"mank\" and \"ind\". What do these words mean ? It\'s a mystery, and that\'s why so is mankind.\" ~ Jack Handey

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