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Thread: D. villosa

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    Hi guys. I'm looking for a good sized D. villosa. I have a lot of living sphagnum moss, as well as some other Drosera. Pm me if interested please.

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    Nobody has it?

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    I have it Nathaniel, but I am more interested in maintaining the few plants I have to reproduce them than in trading it off, unless I can get some other Brasillian species in trade. You can read my rationale for this on the D. graminifolia thread.
    The good news is that this species is nearing flowering size, and if things go as I hope I will have seed to offer in the future to those who have the skills to grow it. Which other Brasillian species do you cultivate?
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    Ok, I understand, thanks. Hmm, do you think you might be able to send like two leaves wrapped in sphagnum? I can pay for postage.

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