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Thread: Trade: Toys for cps?

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    Well, while cleaning out the "spare" room which will now be the baby's room I found a few toys I don't "need" anymore. *All are in great working condition and I would be interested in trading them for cps not on my grow list. * Grow list * if you have something I have check with me I may still be interested. *
    First up: *The power air surfer. * Here is a link to a short movie on the RC plane. * plane movie
    Second up: *Tyco Edge Hovercraft. * See info hovercraft info
    Third: V3 Racing Wheel for Playstaion One image

    I think that's it. * Remember, these items are used but in excellent working order! * The plane was too beginner for my taste (I'm more advanced that it) * The hovercraft is also not in my likings (I have 3 gas rc cars that do 40-65 mph...) *And the wheel... * Well, I now play X-box. *Not PS1. * *
    Any takers? *
    Please E-mail me. *( ) to keep offers/questions off the forum. * ("I emailed you." is fine though. )
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