Hey you guys, before I decide to order these plants from a website I was wondering if any of you had these plants for trade-
Want List
S. Purpurea purpurea
S. Flava
S. Alta
N. Amp. "Speckled" (any other variety except green)
D. "Big Mouth"
D. "Pink"
D. "Fine Tooth x Red"
and others, just PM me with your offers

Here's what I have for trade-
Have list
14- Cephalotus follicularis Seeds (These have been pre-stratified for 1\2 month, for best results you should keep them in the fridge until June)
2- D. Red Piranha
5- D. aliciae
4- D. binata (I have two forms, one with multi fork leaves, and one with only two)
2- D. spatulata var. Frasier Island
20-D. nidiformis seedlings
1- S. Purpurea Venosa
1- S. Leucophylla

Alot of Utic Clumps