According to the APHIS guys who busted me, the only seed you need any paperwork for is N. rajah and N. khasiana.
Below is the whole email. I don't see anything about phyto mentioned....

I did not know the answer off the top of my head so I sent for an official
response. I hope this answers your questions. If not, let me know and I
will try to get further information. The response is as follows:

It depends on the species of Nepenthes. Two species of Nepenthes, N.
rajah, and N. khasiana, are in CITES Appendix I, the most restricted
category. Under Appendix I, all parts, including seeds, are regulated.
All other species of Nepenthes fall into CITES Appendix II and their seeds
are exempt from CITES regulation. The Appendix II listing of Nepenthes
spp. has the annotation #1 next to it. That annotation states the

#1 Designates all parts and derivatives, except:
(a) seeds, spores, and pollen (including pollinia);
(b) seedling or tissue cultures obtained in vitro, in solid or liquid
media, transported in sterile containers; and
© cut flowers of artificially propagated plants.

The CITES website ( has a lot of good information,
including the list of species regulated in the CITES Appendices. The CITES
appendices also have what is called an "Interpretation" which describe the

Bud Petit de Mange
CITES and Plant Inspection Station Coordinator
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"Joe Griffin"

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Subject: seed
11/10/2003 07:33

Hi Jim,

Long time, no chat. I was wondering if you knew something off the top of
your head. Are seed of Nepenthes under the same restrictions as the plants,
ie is it illegal to mail Nepenthes seed with no CITES paperwork or permits?
I saw some Nepenthes seed on eBay and was curious*the seller was in
Singapore, I think).