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Thread: 1920's story and clark player piano

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    I have an interesting trade offer.

    I have a 1924-26 Story and Clark Player Piano that needs total restoration. Due to recent developments, I am no longer able to store the piano for future restorations that I had planned myself. This piano weighs in at about 900lbs.

    I would like to trade this piano to someone that can restore it and give it back its voice. My only other option is to send it to the land fill, which I do not want to do by any means.

    I would like to trade this for a mature Nepenthes northiana.

    Conditions of trading... you must pick the piano up or make arragments to have it picked up. I am not able to deliver the piano. It also has to be picked up in the next 30 days.

    I do not want to see this piano destroyed. However, I have no choice but to get rid of it.

    I am looking for the photos I took of it, but I am not having any luck.

    The Piano is locted in Findlay Ohio.

    It does have most of its ivory keys left and does play. It needs tuned, but most like restrung. It also needs new tubes and the bellows need redone. Its not an electric, you have to pump it.


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    That has to be worth some money. Try to sell it. Try eBay.

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