I am looking for...

Nepenthes Rajah
Nepenthes Villosa
Nepenthes Bicalcarata
Nepenthes Marcophylla
Nepenthes Truncata 'Pasian' (Highland)

Pretend it's my growlist and that's what I have up for trade. I have more so if you have any of these at a mild juvenile stage, please PM me with what you would want for it, even if it's not on the store. I got a grow list that is too fragile to post online otherwise, I get too many offers because I don't have plants that aren't up for trade.

PM me or AIM me at 'x i rule you' or e-mail me. Either way, these last nepenthes means that I will have completed a goal...so if you could help me in any way...let me know.