On the trading block is a Dtps. Brother Victoria 'B#1" x Phal. Brother Passat 'Brother'. This gets yellow and pink flowers and bloomed from two spikes this year.

Brother Phals come from a Taiwanese breeder and are warm to hot growers. Especially the yellow ones. So, unlike most of my orchids, I don't let Brother Phals stay out if temperatures are dropping much 60F. Since I'm trying to minimize special handling, this orchid is looking for a new home. If I had a lowland Nep chamber with some airflow, I'd mount the Phal and put it in there. It would be an experiment, but I think it'll work.

I'm interested in species Neps (cuttings/started plants) that aren't ultrahighland or ultra lowland. I already have:

N. fusca 'Sarawak'
N. khasiana
N. maxima
N. rafflesiana
N. sanguinea
N. ventricosa

I'll also consider special varieties of Sarr species, such as a Schnell's Ghost leucophylla.