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Thread: Looking for d. paradoxa

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    i really would like to grow D. paradoxa and i'm looking for seeds, seedlings, or plants. please pm me if you have anything extra. i'd be interested in all members of the petiolaris complex but i'd like to start with paradoxa.

    heres what i have extras of-

    D. 'dentate'
    D. "piranha"
    D. "cuptrap"

    S. flava
    S x wrigleyana
    S 'red leuco.'
    S. purpurpea ssp. purpurea

    S. x catesabei

    D. adelae

    D. madagascariensis
    D. "marston's dragon" plantlets
    D. dichotoma "giant" plantlets

    D. capensis plantlets
    D. capensis "giant" plantlets

    P. moranensis var caudata
    P. x aphrodite
    P. agnata
    P. moranensis x ehersrae

    U. longifolia
    U. subulata
    U. amethystina
    U. livida
    U. sandersonii

    staghorn fern
    unknown bromeliads

    H. heterodoxa "gran sabanna" (if dustin's reading this, this isn't your plant, don't worry )
    i have other stuff , too, but not extra. if your looking for something and i might have it, just ask and i'll see.

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