Hey -

Realize, I'm not trying to get all of this for one big trade!

I am mainly trying to find:

Sarracenia alata x leucophylla hybrids

Sarracenia rubra wherryi

Southeast United States native Pinguicula which have been growing outdoors and so are suited to life in a bog.

and I know this is going out on a limb, but also:

S. alata black/red
S. alata white flower
S. leuco white
S. minor giant

Byblis liniflora seeds

Of course, I'll consider other things as well, so just ask if you want to trade for anything I have listed below.

I have the following for trade:

S. psittacina divisions (reddish)
S. psittacina divisions (copperish)
S. rubra (ssp. rubra I belive) - has bloomed for me
S. purpurea (ssp. venosa I belive)

Xyris (blooming, not large clumps)

lots of Hydrocotyle (Pennywort)


- Patrick