I have milkweed (silky gold and an orange with yellow milkweed-same species but different flower color... they're mixed though. I got them from someone else) seeds and lemon basil seeds if anybody wants to trade. I will also have an ornamental pepper seeds (I love that pepper! it's not spicey but it's beautiful) but the peppers are still immature for seeds (and besides, I want to see them a while!) and I also have some 1 year old (or more... but last year they DID germinate) hibiscus seeds. (dorothy's or something like that)
(if you want the hibiscus seeds, do it at your own risk)
for those seeds, I would like almost any other plant :P
lithops, other succulents, CP's,
EXCEPT: the normal venus fly trap, drosera adelae, cobra lily, the butterwort with purple flowers (with yellow in the middle), purple pitcher plant, red pitcher plant, and I guess that's it.
PM me if you're interested. (or if you just want to give them away, well, that's fine! LOL )