As some may know, I have been dealing with an aphid infection in my collection. I have recently sent out a good number of plants, but I can't remember if I mentioned the problem to everyone I mailed to, so I am mentioning it here.

I grow all my plants outdoors au naturale, so this is always a possibility when receiving plants from me. Take heed!

The plants I sent *could* be affected. DO NOT put these plants immediately into your collection. Keep them apart for a couple of weeks and observe. I checked them before sending and all appeared well, but you can never be too sure.

If you find an infected plant, dispose of it at once! Don't try to save it. Just let me know and I will replace it. It just isn't worth the risk.

There will probably be no problems, but I wanted to alert you to the eventuality. It has been a real chore dealing with the problem in an organic way, but I think I am out of the woods now.

Enjoy the plants!