Hi. I'm especially looking for Drosera binata multifida (extremata would be even better), byblis, easy to medium skill drosera to grow, and other stuff (nepenthes, even non-cp plants) that I don't have/will have. (seeds/cuttings/plants/etc.. doesn't matter much.)

of CP's, I only have what many people here and in another forum have told me is U. gibba, and pinguicula primuliflora, a mystery utric (you can see the utrics here http://groups.msn.com/safesafething/...w?albumlist=2) , but I also still have the other stuff I had posted about before (that nobody wanted by the way :'(!!! lol :P) and I also have x-mas cactus cuttings, I'll have moon vine seeds, african violet cuttings, wild violet plantlets/cuttings (a white kind), and mint cuttings.

I know it's not much... but if you want a few things for one good thing then it would be good.
If you have extra stuff, I'd be happy to send a sase/pay for shipping.
just PM me.