Hey guys heres a list of stuff I can trade
1 S. Psittacina (Almost 2 years old)
Cuttings of Giant cephalotus (only 1 available)
Cuttings of Regular ceph (Cuttings of a mature problem)
1 N. lowii (small plant)
rooted cuttings of P. Agnata x Caudata
rooted cuttings of P. Moransis var. Caudata
Rooted cuttings of P. Enigma
Cuttings or offshoots of D. Bigmouth
Cuttings or an offshoot of D. Red Piranha
Cuttings of D. Royal Red
Cuttings of D. Binata
Cuttings of D. Filiformis var. Tracyi
Thats it, PM me for offers