I am looknig for non-SE US pings, D. spathulata x. capensis, D. slackii and Nepenthes. I have these plants to trade:
D. spathulata
D. spathulata 'Fraiser Island'
D. dielsiana
D. tokansis
D. capensis 'alba'
D. capensis 'wide leaf'
D. filiformis ssp. tracyi 'Buck pond'
D. brevifolia 'Jacksonville, fl'
D. capillaris 'Jacksonville, Fl'
D. nidiformis
S. 'red leucophylla' (leucophylla x. rubra?)
U. inflata 'Jacksonville, Fl
U. gibba 'Sawgrass Country Club,. Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl'
U. subulata 'Jacksonville, Fl'