well im now one year into keeping and growing CPs. i have most of what i want with just some species here and their that i really would like. the excitement of grabbing up every species i can is long gone. i really want to try a Ceph. so much so im willing to pay for overnight shipping and a heat pack so a plant arrives here fine. (its staying below freezing during the day the last few days)

what do i have for trade?
i have extras of most my Drosera and Utrics. if you see something your interested in on my grow list just ask. if you dont see something and are looking for it ask, i havent updated the list lately. i do not have any extra Neps, Pings or Genlisea at the moment other than a pitifull small x "Miranda". although for a decent plant you may be able to talk me out of a Ping. a plant is worth more to me than seeds. i will pay for overnite shipping and a heat pack from here if you are looking for a trade for my plants.

if you just have seeds. just how hard are they to start? will they require a heat pack and quick shipping? how quickly do they grow from seed?

shoot me a pm if you have a plant or seeds and i have something your interested in.