Hello. I have a giant cyclamen persicum bulb wich was dug up and is looking for a nice careing home. I measured it at 1.5 killos with folliage allready growing, it is doble tuberd and can grow to a diameter of at least 0.5 meters. It flowers in mass for at least couple of month. It is resistant to frost temps but only to -2C. Sory there is no picture but my digital camera is not working at the moment. Im offering it for trade and im looking for some Lowland Nep to gorw in my Hot sta,y terrarium preferbly an Ampullaria or another suited Lowland for the terrarium. It is a world wide offer if you are willing to take the risk.
Im home for the next 15 hurs do if any one says yes it would be packed and sent.

All the best