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Thread: Nepenthes and other goodies for trade

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    Yes, this is similar to my post from a few weeks ago. After a lot of back and forth and a lot of offers of things i really didn't want, as well as a couple successful trades, i'm trying this post again the right way from the start now that i've figured out what information and conditions i need to include. Thank you for your patience as i move up from n00bie Nepenthes-trading status.

    I am primarily looking for N. campanulata and N. veitchii. I'm willing to do a many-for-one trade if someone has something really neat-O or feels that would be more equitable. I prefer established plants to cuttings, unless rooting the cuttings is foolproof. See the list at the bottom for other info. PMs, please.

    Note: Unless it is of a rare, well known, or exceptional species or form already, or a species with only one form, i expect to see a photo of a reasonably mature specimen of the same clone as the plant you are trading, (like a parent). I know that's inconvenient, but it ends up wasting less time in the end as i'll probably end up asking a million questions about it otherwise. I have plenty of plants, and am being more particular what i acquire as i have only my bedroom and the balcony in summer. Thank you for your understanding.

    Nepenthes established plants
    N. sanguinea "Dark Red" - How anything else could be called "sanguinea", i don't know. Bloody amazing. (pun intended) This is different than the new clone making an appearance this year. It seems to be a bit tubbier, for one.

    The plant you are bidding on (as of three weeks ago):

    Some pics from the parent:

    Another photo, showing the pitcher inner color and spotting, and the red coloration of the leaf veins in full sun.

    This does great with bright light, putting out lots of large pitchers that hold on the plant for reasonably long times, even in ambient Boston indoor temperature and humidity. I have kept Mr. Sanguine on my windowsill since i got it, and it has been through drought and flood with flying colors.

    N. aristolochioides x thorelii AKA "Sarcophagus plant"

    That's the best way i've heard the developing pitchers described. This puts out lots of pitchers that are a bit bigger than aristos, but of a similar coloration and shape.

    The plant you are bidding on (as of about three weeks ago):

    The parent plant last summer (with 17 open pitchers):

    Closeup pitcher:

    This one also grows pretty fast. (I would say it has a significant amount of "hybrid vigor." Also another windowsill grower, liking bright light and tolerating wide humidity conditions.

    Nepenthes Cuttings
    N. gracilis 'Dusky'

    Cuttings of a moderately colored gracilis (mostly the ground pitchers). Grows fast like all gracilis, with a tendency to fork and send up multiple shoots. If you want a plant to fill up any size terrarium, but which is easy to prune back and propagate, give gracilis a try.

    Here's a new and not very colorful pitcher on a cutting which was rooted (and growing) in water:

    Gracilis develops a very healthy-sized root system. For example:

    It is very easy to root. I've never lost a cutting.

    D. multifida 'Extrema' - what would happen if you cut off a whole bunch of D. binata fronds and glued them end to end, on all the forks. Makes a wonderful sticky mess of a plant.

    D. dichotoma "small red form" - As described in The Savage Garden (this was propagated from a plant from California Carnivores). I'm still not sure what distinguishes it from the other binata complex taxons, but it is very plastic in form and habit according to conditions, and now i have one that seems "small" only in comparison to D. dichotoma 'Giant'.

    And i have some normal D. binata, of course. Here's a photo of both (with a small specimen of "small red"):

    This is not the self-seeding form prevalent these days due to ICPS seed bank distribution.

    U. praelonga - Alien-like growths. Hasn't flowered for me yet but is a great mutant-looking plant.

    I have some other random plants (utrics, drosera, etc) i can include in a trade.

    I'm looking primarily for Nepenthes species (not hybrids), as well as woolly sundews, noteworthy VFT forms, and less common utrics. Dormancy doesn't work out so well for some of my plants, so it's mostly tropicals on my list.

    Especially desired:
    N. veitchii (not the Hose Mtn locale)
    N. albomarginata rubra or other rare forms (I already have purple (Kutching))
    N. campanulata
    Rare neps
    D. petiolaris
    D. falconerii
    There's no 'a' in perlite.

    My Growlist - New England CP growers unite!

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    Aaahhhhh, forked sundews! Yummy!

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    I just saw some of these plants, and let me tell you, DM has some SWEET trade bait here.
    17 Nash Rd.
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    YOU! Outta my gene pool!

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