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Thread: Temperate zone plants for bog

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    Greetings, my name is Bob and as the screen name implies I am new to the bog idea. I've been growin cp's for about 2 years, but only the easy(and half dead) stuff bought from the local Lowe's. I'm setting up a bog and looking for any source to obtain cp plants common to NJ or temperate zone 6. Mostly interested in native Drosera and Sarracenia which I've seen growing in the wild here, but do not dare cultivate! Any and all info is greatly appreciated!(Again, remember I am fairly new to this so take it easy on me).
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    Welcome Aboard Bob!
    I live north of you in Southern Ontario, on the south shore of Lake Ontario near Niagara Falls
    Right now I can tell you that if you take precautions you can grow almost anything you want outside (from temperate species at least)

    I have S.flava, D.filiformis ssp.filiformis and D.rotundifolia outside which overwintered really REALLY well, the only trick is to keep them in the ground and cover them with pine needles in about november
    I used food-grade tubs (the kind that cookie batter etc are shipped to restaurants in, as long as you know it's non-toxic and good below freezing filled with liquid, you're golden) filled them with 50-50 peat/sand and just make sure they are watered often enough
    I haven't tried any Pinguicula yet (just haven't gotten a hold of any) but I suspect that they would be similarly easy

    I am also trying to get a few more species to live outdoors. I have hordes of D.tokaiensis (100 plants and soon literally thousands of seeds) that I have hardened off- since they are part D.rotundifolia, I'm wondering if they will form hibernaculae (resting buds) and if they don't I will still have WAY too many of them

    I also have a D.filiformis ssp.tracyii which I am going to attempt overwintering this year (thought if anyone reading this has any negative input on that front please share it, I only have one plant currently and would rather risk cuttings than the mother if it's not likely to survive)

    I was kinda stunned that the S.flava made it through, but it looks better than a lot of other specimens I've seen (thanks to the person who gave it to me doing an amazing job on it, I can hardly take any credit)
    So I would say you can likely grow any Sarracenia and pretty much any temperate Drosera outdoors year-round (saves on the fridge space)
    I will try to share the results of my "experiments" here, too, as I think a lot of folks are under a false impression that what I am doing is not possible (I know I was)
    Good Growing!!!
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