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Thread: Mounting a bromeliad?

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    Spot-on info. Thanks.

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    Everyone is welcome for the link, I have some broms myself and know I can't use my household water for them. My raw well water is very iron heavy and is put through a softener plus "iron out". I use rain water whenever possible for everything, broms, cp's and chids. If I don't have any I use distilled or make the trek to buy RO.
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    Depending on the size of your crestie and the brom size, it might get trampled a good bit. Another few good methods of mounting the brom would be toothpicks through the stolon and pushed into the background forming an "X" (if it is soft enough for that). An alternative is to use stiff wire, and make something like a staple around the brom holding it to the background that way.
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