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Thread: Free educational CP program

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    I just thought I would let everyone know that I will be doing a free CP program at Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center, just north of Houston, this coming Saturday morning at 10 a.m.

    I will have a short PowerPoint program, followed by some show and tell with many of my plants. This is an excellent program for beginners, or anyone in the Houston area who shares our interest in carnivorous plants.

    And for those who are not overly familiar with the North American Sarracenia Conservancy, I will be discussing the role of the NASC, and my role as the head grower. Those who stick around afterward just might get to take a tour of the greenhouse as well...

    Directions to the park can be found on the JJP web site at Please address any questions to me via e-mail (, as I don't always check the TF threads or my PMs on a regular basis.

    Good growing!
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    Wish I was closer. Mapquest puts me at about 11 hours and 53 minutes... Sounds like a neat opportunity!

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