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Thread: pinguicula's in holland

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    Thumbs up pinguicula's in holland

    i never knew they were still here!

    roughly translated :S

    Vetblad ernstig bedreigd
    Rond 1935 waren er naar schatting nog 500 populaties van vetblad in Nederland. Hij verdween in de tachtiger jaren uit Drenthe, Noord-Brabant en rond Winterswijk. De soort groeit in blauwgrasland en natte heide op lemige grond. De tien laatste vindplaatsen werden door verdroging, vermesting en verzuring sterk bedreigd. Voor het voortbestaan van vetblad in Nederland werd daarom gevreesd; de soort staat als ernstig bedreigd op de Rode Lijst van vaatplanten.
    around 1935 there were an estimate 500 population's left, of the butterworth in the netherlands. it dissapeared in the mid 80's from the province's of drenthe, Noord-Brabant and in the viccinity of winterswijk. de species grow's in Blauwgrasland? and on wet heath and on >Lemige grond? the ten last finding's were sevearly endangered becouse of: dehydration, Verzuring, Overbemesting. so there were worry's about the excistence of the butterworth's in holland. de species is the only one on the red list of Vascular plant's

    Vetblad in Noordoost Twente
    In een reservaat in Noordoost Twente heeft de soort zich door zorgvuldig beheer weten uit te breiden van enige tientallen tot meer dan 10.000 exemplaren in 2007
    butterworth's in north-east Twente
    in a reservate in North-east Twente, the speciess has ,trough proffesional care, spread out from a few dozen's to now over 10.000 species in 07'

    i know my english suck's
    kinda cool i never knew there were still carnivorous plant's in holland left.. i did know there were some drosera at "De Veluwe" (a big nature reservate) but never knew that there were CP's this close to home

    since im into geocaching (wich involves allot of cycling trough the country) i hope i might see one
    if i do i'll be shure to post a pic
    Victory is mine!
    i like to grow plant's and i like to smoke plant's

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    That is really amazing! Good to see the return of those plants.
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