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Thread: World Premier ..CP Video!

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    Exclamation World Premier ..CP Video!

    Hello Friends!

    Get the popcorn ready, as you're about to take an in depth journey to the fabulous Florida Panhandle in HD/SurroundSound! The plant rescue went very well and many orphaned plants have now found a home in the loving care of the NASC.

    Please keep in mind that your computer's graphics card dictates how high your viewing quality shall be, but my hosting site offers you choice of sizes to suit your viewing needs...

    The link to my Movie Gallery is at the end of this post and consists of three clips.
    Feel free also, to comment on the video via my site after viewing if so desired...

    But firstly, I want to openly thank the ICPS, NASC and FCPS and for their fantastic support. And, I'd also like to thank my good friends and phenomenal field partners;

    Mark Todd- NASC Director of Conservation/FCPS Member.

    Serge "Pinguicula Eye" Grondin- FCPS Member.

    And a special thanks to all Members of everyone who supports the above mentioned Organizations.

    Stay tuned... The Splinter Hill HD Experience is headed you way soon in brilliant HD/SurroundSound!

    Enjoy and Happy Growing,


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    OMG;- The sea of rubricorpa.... I don't know why people would want to destroy this natural habitat. Ohhhhhhhh soooo talll..

    Hello Mark Heelllllloooo

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    i enjoyed this although did not enjoy seeing the stripped sight *sighs* only is plants would take over the world, that i would love to see

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