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Thread: New CP TV show!

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    Exclamation New CP TV show!

    Hello Friends...

    Recently, I've been contacted by Edison Tangon of GMA7 TV, the leading television network of the Philippines. He's interested in doing a show about carnivorous plants and is seeking any ICPS members/CP enthusiasts that has been to his country documenting the presence of CP. I personally know of a few Nepenthes expeditions that have occurred there, but figured I'd post here to give those individuals the chance to come forward and contact Edison themselves. He is a new Member of the ICPS Forum and can be contacted through his public Member information.

    Or, you can email me privately with your contact information and I will pass it to him via his email address. This is an EXCELLENT opportunity to spread the good name and message of the ICPS on more of an international level, which will lead to increased public awareness and conservation of these remarkable plants!

    Thank you and Happy Growing,

    Brian Barnes,
    ICPS Director of Conservation.

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    That is so cool! But will it be a documentary or an actual show with episodes?

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