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Thread: New Video! P. pumila 'in situ'...

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    New Video! P. pumila 'in situ'...

    Hello Friends,

    Recently, I've made my seasonal hike to a favorite Pinguicula pumila site here in Florida to check on their well-being. This site has always offered some of the most diverse flower forms that I've ever seen 'in situ'

    Last year we experienced severe drought at this time and there were no plants growing there at all! I was worried about their future. But this year, Lo and Behold! In my opinion, this proves the long-term viability of this species' seed in order to persevere extreme unfavorable conditions.

    In this video, I document the differences in flower morphology of the plants at this site, habitat, soil analysis, dehicing of seed and their overall present well-being. You'll find it here at the CpTube and Photo Gallery site;

    Happy Growing and Holidays to All!

    Brian Barnes,
    ICPS Director of Conservation.

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    Ooh, very nice. Amazing what seed variation can lead to. Thanks for the video Brian
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    Innnnnnnnnnnnteresting. So natural selection would ultimately favor genetic lineages that didn't have 100% complete and immediate seed germination, because when harsh conditions rolled around, that lineage would come to an end. Whereas, if there are a few holdouts and things get rough, you have a fallback plan.

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