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Thread: Pethanol: Stupidest idea ever

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    "The whole idea seems a bit stupid. Use the land for solar energy!"

    I will admit, being a Nuclear Engineer, I'm a bit biased, but saying use the land for solar energy runs into the same problem...why not just use the land more efficiently for other power sources (such as grass). Either way, the solar energy route has a VERY large initial footprint.

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    Hmmm. Considering the government pays farmers to not plant crops tells me we have some excess farmland somewhere going to waste. It would not be taking anything away from current supply if grown on excess and margin lands not currently in use. Plus it would give farmers income and hopefully put an end to subsidies tax payers foot the bill for. Or at the very least, reduce them.

    I'm no expert in farming or solar technology but it seems to me that harvesting the leaves of a perennial that grows natively to much of Americans farmlands would have less of a carbon footprint than mass producing solar panels and/or mirrors which requires refining of metals, petroleum for plastics, and various other chemicals, etc.

    Again, no expert. Just my personal thoughts on the topic. I'm not trying to prove or disprove anyone here as I lack the authorities on the topic at hand to do so.

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