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Thread: Eat bugs to save the plants that do, too!

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    Eat bugs to save the plants that do, too!

    My school has an annual bugathon, where volunteers eat mealworms, crickets, grubs, superworms, and all that general fun stuff. People sponsor those people per crawler and the money is donated to the southeast Michigan land conservatory. I just thought it was an interesting fundraiser. Anyone know of anything like this? Just weird ways to get donations for a good cause?

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    I remember a kid in grade school
    once offered to pay a quarter to another kid from our class
    if he would eat a worm!

    From the look of it
    it seems some kids never grow up,
    they just find new excuses to justify their desire
    to watch others eat strange things!
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    Just this Saturday we had a "Bug Day" event in San Fransisco. They offered fried crickets, mealworms, and silkworm pupae. I tried the pupae and the mealworms. I couldn't look at the crickets- I use them to feed the critters, and they stink. The pupae came out of a can, and were terrible! But the mealworms, once I got the taste of the pupae out of my mouth (wasn't easy!), were quite tasty, though difficult to hang onto!
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