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Thread: URGENT / N. clipeata in flower

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    URGENT / N. clipeata in flower

    I have a N. clipeata (clone 2 from Wistuba) that is coming into flower. As far as I know, this is the first flowering of this particular clone and it is male.


    If anyone here knows of a flowering female N. clipeata anywhere in the world at this time please contact me immediately ( so this pollen can be put to its best use.

    If, no suitable female can be found then, would anyone know of an organization or institution with suitable facilities that might be willing to help in the preservation of this pollen.

    Samuel Estes
    13-3553 Luana Street
    Pahoa, Hawaii 96778

    (808) 965-7140
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    WOW Sam. I'd just like to applaud your flowering of clone 2. Sadly, I know of only a few people in possession of a female clone, but you may want to inquire those who I do know.
    * "Lay" on Pitcher-plants
    * Joachim Danz on Terraforums or Pitcher-plants

    If anything, register the clone and add the fact that it is flowering as a male HERE at the NcSP. I applaud your efforts and I do hope to see some seed-grown clipeatas in the future!

    Good luck!

    [P.S.: Ask Philcula as well........ he told me a story about clipeata that might be of importance to you.]
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    Actually this would be the second flowering of clipeata clone 2.

    I know someone who has a female. I will contact him and see if his is in flower. Worst case you can send him some pollen and he can freeze it down for later use.
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