Hi Folks:

We just posted the latest video of ongoing restoration work on our central Virginia Preserve. Please check it out on our Facebook page at:


Our volunteers, particularly our intern Nathan Rudnick, have been doing a fantastic job of removing hardwood stems and clearing brush. The hardwood is being processed as fuel for the wood furnace for next year to heat the operations center and greenhouse. So.. we clear the bog and get fuel to heat while at the same time greatly reducing our use of fossil fuels. The property we are working on is 3 acres and directly connected to Meadowview operations center (1.2 acres). The preserve should be open for public viewing by summer and we will have cleared trails, broardwalks, signage, and a bog fully stocked with an indigenous population of rare native central Virginia Sarracenia purpurea. We are hoping to plant several thousand plants!!!

If you are interested in particpating in the restoration work this winter please contact me soon. We have lodging and facilities at the research station to accomodate volunteers. The project is a lot of fun and we still have the nearby Gatwood tract to work on. It's so exciting to restore a native Virginia pitcher plant population and habitat right at Meadowview.


Phil Sheridan, Ph.D.
Meadowview Biological
Research Station