Greetings! I have been trying to find a reliable source of information regarding the existance of D. brevifolia in Oklahoma off and on for a while now. When listing the distribution of the species, some websites will list Oklahoma while others will not. A few even put a question mark by the 'OK' in parenthesis because, again, little verification has been given as to where they are and how recently they've been seen. Well, today I finally got some definate answers and even found photos of them presently growing in the South Eastern corner of the state.

They can be seen growing in the wild at the Red Slough Wildlife Management Area. As I understand, it is considered public land and can be viewed 24/7. During the hunting season, which is october through january, I do believe that at least some of the area is off limits do to conservation of bird species. anyway, the area has walking trails, tour guides, etc. Just letting everyone know in case any of you happen to be in or near the area or feel like taking a field trip down (or up?) there.


Below is the e-mail that I received today.
"Hello William:
Yes, the current name is D. brevifolia and yes, there existence has been verified at a number of locations over the years. Most are on private land, but they are present at the Red Slough Wildlife Management Area in SE Oklahoma.
Hope this helps

Bruce Hoagland
Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory and
Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability
University of Oklahoma
111 East Chesapeake Street
Norman, OK 73019

Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory:

Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability:

Oklahoma Vascular Plants Database:"

Hope someone besides me finds this information helpful!

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