Hi all:

Just updating on recent finds in southeast Virginia as we continue to search for rare plants. Recenty we canoed a millpond in southern Virginia and found what we think to be a new county record for Utricularia radiata. It was a beautiful pond with good biodiversity and excellent water quality (even after a violent rainstorm the day before). We were searching specifically for Drosera intermedia, trying to find the site that may have seeded into our other recent find of D. intermedia in Surry county (see previous post). Unfortunately, we didn't see it there. Some clues indicate that Drosera intermedia and other species of interest may have inhabited this pond but were eradicated by quickly shifting water levels in the past century.
In addition, we have continued to find some interesting Sphagnum mosses, one which was a a beautiful Christmas-y red and green splotched species.
Our searches aren't over for the summer, so stay tuned. For more detail and updates, see Meadowview's facebook page as well as Dr. Sheridan's and "wireman's" (Graham's) posts here and on the ICPS forum.


Meadowview Research Station Intern