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Thread: Joseph Pines Preserve Expands and other news

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    Joseph Pines Preserve Expands and other news

    Hi Folks:

    Some good news. After three years of very hard word (grant writing, politics, state and local approvals, etc.) we closed Friday afternoon on the expansion of the Joseph Pines Preserve. The expansion takes us from 100 acres to more than 231 acres with the purchase of two adjoining parcels.

    The expansion was funded by a $145,000 grant from the Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality Green Reserve Program and a loan of $145,000 from the Virginia Resources Authority - a $290,000 deal. The loan is for 10 years at 0.25 percent interest. The loan required one of our donors to place in escrow $29,000 as a reserve fund. The loan payment is ca. $1200/month. We need your support to make these payments so please consider donating to Meadowview or pledging as a donor. The entire preserve is now permanently protected under a conservation easement with the Virginia Dept. of Forestry.

    So... what this means is we now own almost the complete watershed at Joseph Pines and will be able to significantly expand our restoration efforts. You can read the details of the plan in our Joseph Pines story in the 2009 newsletter at

    We had a double dose of good news. In addition to closing on the Joseph Pines Preserve expansion we received the letter from the Virginia Horticultural Foundation that they are going to fund (partially of course) a horticultural intern for 2013 at Meadowview. The funding will allow us to pay one horticultural intern $7.25/hour, 40 hours a week, for 12 weeks, next summer.

    If you know anyone that would be interested in this position please have them contact me. We will post a job description this fall and formally advertise the job then but I thought you might want to hear the good news.

    I will be talking about these projects in detail at the upcoming ICPS conference. Hope to see you there!


    Phil Sheridan, Ph.D.
    Meadowview Biological
    Research Station

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    Excellent news! The horticulture intern is definitely needed.

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