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Thread: The Green Swamp Documentary Project

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    The Green Swamp Documentary Project

    Hi everyone!

    Several years ago I started this project as a means of encouraging national support for the preservation of The Green Swamp in North Carolina, as well as other unbelievably beautiful environments like it. If people knew about the devastation being done to the swamp from a number of outside forces, maybe everyone would have something to say about it. If they knew the implications of this damage, maybe they would do something about it.

    This is a work in progress, and principal photography has been pushed back as this things has gotten bigger and bigger than originally anticipated. Please follow the progress on the Facebook fanpage and follow the constant updates and the insider info I'll be passing along.

    Thanks! DC 'Oz' Osman!/TheGreenSwampDocumentary

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    Upload some pics of the sphagnum moss in Green Swamp to the Facebook page!

    Looking good. I'm glad it is coming back to life!

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