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Thread: Camosun Bog Restoration Project

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    I was out touring a local inner city bog yesterday "Camosun Bog" to take a few photo's but was only able to take about four pics before my batteries ran out.
    This restoration project is located approximately two miles from where I live. You can see their website and read about the efforts put forth by the restoration project at Camosun Bog
    I did have an opportunity for a couple related photo's however while I was there. It appears that most of the plants are just coming out of dormancy so I will return in a few weeks for more photo's.

    This first one is of the true sign of spring here on the coast.
    Skunk Cabbage

    This other photo is of a Deer fern growing among live Sphagnum moss...


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    Sounds like an interesting site.
    It has a very interesting website too. Maybe it can be used as a blueprint to restoring other bogs.

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