Ummm, I'm thinking you two are on the same page and may not even know it. The site I believe her cardinal flower seed came from is now a shopping mall. *It's a nice sea of asphalt currently.

Around here, developers must go through a lengthy process in order to get permits. The entire process from land purchase to cutting ground can take 3 years or longer. *I have been watching one particular site for about 2 years now. *It is almost 200 hundred acres and 650 4-5 bedroom homes with 3 car garages on postage size lots will be built there. The developer is including some nice big retention ponds as well as a nice park with playground equipment on the future site according to their drawings. They have surveyed it and the heavy equipment is currently there presumably awaiting a thaw. They seem to be held up right now and I don't quite know why. I'm waiting and watching for the heavy equipment operators to come on in because I have always had tremendous success with them. They can usually direct me right to the project manager and I have never been told I could not take a plant yet. *I have taken several incredibly nice small local genotype oaks as well as hickories so far from other locations. The people working on the sites even helped me ram them in my car.

In addition to the above, my chapter of Wild Ones organizes plant saves. Somebody created a network many years ago in which our organization receives advance notification of properties slated wherein which land owners have already agreed to allow removal of plant material. This is a good thing. *What's even better, is my neighbor down the road receives the faxes of properties that will be stripped at his home. I plan on paying closer attention in the furure to any land that may include wetlands. *

To date, I have not been placed in a position where all options have failed. If I could not get approval and if the bulldozers were revving their engines to do their thing... I'd probably seriously consider coming back at night with a flashligh and a shovel all by myself. I'd most assuredly be sweating BBs and would most assuredly be in such a state of panic that I'd end up tripping all over my own feet doing a face plant in dirt but I think I would really at least try to take anything that was endangered. *I suppose one never knows until one is actually in that situation but at least I would hope I would have enough guts to try to take them.