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Thread: Getting bigger pitchers

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    hey my neps (my ones that i had for a while)are growing very slowly i dont know why it has been kept in the same environment since i started growing cps and the pitcher size is small ... it havent pitchered in about a month i think...
    the man in the orchid fest said that he uses liquid fetilizer 76 or something and it makes the leafs and pitchers huge...should i do this?my newer neps are doing great with bigger pitchers every leaf....
    also how do you guys get larger pitchers?
    the pitcher size should be bigger with every new leaf right?

    oh yeah and they have been producing lots of that the problem?
    A lady went into a grocery store and looked into the turket section. She needed a bigger one for her family, so she asks the stock boy: \"Do these turkeys get any bigger?\"

    The stock boy replied: \"No ma'am, they're dead\"

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    I think they key is patience. The ventrata I got from Redhill didn't start pitchering until 2 mths after I got it. Its now producing relatively huge red pitchers which are very nice (though, of cos, not as large as those for sale at Island&#33 Or, I repotted it in new medium as well cos the old medium had many fertiliser balls, which I understand to inhibit pitcher production.

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    You may also want to improve humidity/light conditions etc.

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