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Thread: Repotting venus fly traps

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    being a new owner of a very small venus fly trap i need info on re-potting, please. i bought plant from a local garden store and don't know what soil it's in at present.

    when do plants needs repotting?

    plants looks bit sickly at present and having just read it needs to be in a humid place, i've moved it to bathroom in hope of regeneration. rainwater only used on a daily basis as weather here in south east of england VERY dry and hot.

    is watering every day ok?

    plant has few black leaves

    do i remove them?

    answers please if possible.
    many thanks


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    I don't know about repotting, Sue, I tend to regard repotting as a fairly hazardous last-resort affair, but others may have different views.

    Chances are that your vft's soil isn't harmful to its growth, but if you suspect that it is (ie all other requirements have been met and it's still doing badly), then you may want to repot it in some suitable medium.

    Keeping it in the bathroom will probably increase humidity, but make sure your plant gets enough in the way of light.

    Leave your plant in a tray of water and top up the water in the tray when it runs down.

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