I've had a couple of requests from people wanting to know where they can get hold of carnivorous plants in Britain. This is the list I have manged to compile, but it probably isn't definitive. If anybody can think of any more, send me a message and I'll add it to the list.

www.littleshopofhorrors.co.uk - wide range of plants and easy to place orders online.

www.easycarnivores.co.uk - also easy to place orders and nicely presented.

www.hampshire-carnivorous.co.uk - no pictures but a fairly wide range.

andy@triffidnurseries.co.uk - no web page as yet, but e-mail for a price list. Excellent plants.

www.cpuk.org.uk - Andrew Bate's CPUK website with his own plants for sale. Also a trade board for placing your adverts.

www.pitcherplants.co.uk - another good trade board on this site.

http://www.carnivorousplantsuk.co.uk...st/cutecast.pl - the CPUK forum where a lot of PFT visitors post. Also a useful trade forum.

http://home.petflytrap.com/richard_uk/ - Richard's homepage containing some plants for trade.

http://tftplants.co.uk - only a limited variety of CP's.

http://www.rowanscarnivores.com/index.htm - some VFT varieties available. He sells very healthy plants.

www.pwilson.demon.co.uk/intro.htm - a wide range of Sarracenia for sale

www.soft.net.uk/newcombe/ssar/homepage.htm - Mike King also has a wide selection of Sarracenia for sale.

www.cpuk.org.uk/~pbenn/ - Darlingonia for sale here

www.flycatchers.co.uk - Bill Sherren has plants for sale here.

sarracenia@4mat.net - no webpage yet for this Sarracenia nursery.

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