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Thread: Searching for pitchers..

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    it is a joy searching for nepenthes in the wild.Knowing they all look almost the same,at least in term of same species,but observing their colour variation,shapes and their leaves growth pattern is a sight to behold.
    Holidays and weekends i would be busy with my friends looking for an interesting subjects,be it Culture ,nature and landscape as these seem inseparable--Without the highlands of Borneo those rare neps' would have not taken residence,and those natives of Sarawak who live in isolation would have not develop their distinctive culture(music,clothings,and taboo).The isolated highlands have made them hardy and self sufficient(planting rice for own consumption,grow pepper for cash).They have also discovered various usage of nepenthes plants-for medicine,the vines as tying ropes,as rice dumpling,etc..

    shown here are some of the photos taken at different villages the past 2 years.

    a name after visiting researchers from water as it dries up during the dry season..
    ...taking a rest...smoking bamboo pipes..a pastime of men and women of the Bidayuh tribe..KIDING VILLAGE

    ...everything have to be carried..across rivers..over mountains..for a govt funded school water scheme..BENGOH VILLAGE
    ...carrying wardrobes over bamboo bridges...a 5 hrs walk to SEMBAN VILLAGE..

    ...a chance to witness traditional cultural performance..SEMBAN VILLAGE

    ...6.30am sunrise over KIDING VILLAGE...

    ...our village guides and guide dog...

    ...a rosette N.ampullaria..

    ..suffocation..survival of the fittest...

    ...mirabilis x rafflesiana,what do you think?

    N.rafflesiana ?

    mirabilis x ampullaria?

    red/yellow amp ( washington's red ?)

    dark red ampullaria (william's red ? )

    light green/red mirabilis

    mirabilis red speckles

    comments welcome

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