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Thread: rainwater aquarium

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    Some people said not to get tropical fish, but i decided to buy some anyways. Hey, we living in Tx and this isn't an expensive project; just for kicks. I'll get a heater if it comes down to it. Fish have been doing good for the two days Ive had them. i purposefully bought fish that were pregnant and the next day one had little fishes. The next day, there were babies already in the tank. I'm probably gonna spend like 20 bucks on guppies/ mollies or whateva as long as they look pregnant. I'll put rocks and stuff so they can hide and thrive

    and the 20 gallon

    there just happened to be an outlet where i put the tanks at.
    I'll probably get rid of the feeder fish and put the sharks in the 55 so i can make it all a tropical community
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    Nice, colorful platys. I'd like some of those, lol.
    "I, for one, can't wait to grow Nepenthes extincta!"
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