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Thread: whats a begginers?

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    Also just wanted to add that yes Cherry Reds are probably the easiest of the F/W shrimp to breed and keep, its also good practice to give them some driftwood, plants and aquarium soil for them, since as they start to berry, they tend to like to hide just before dropping their babies...

    If you have problems with plants, Anubias are always a good and easy plant to keep, and if you give them what they need they should breed quite quickly and rapidly...

    As for the topping up with distilled water, its not really as necessary with Cherry Red Shrimp compared with stuff like Crystal reds which tend to be a little more finicky... unless you water out of the tap has very high NitrAtes, NitrItes....

    Also as with fish, shrimps will some what adapt to their surroundings, so keeping readings constant is more important that using a million chemicals to try and constantly balance parameters...

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    /bamboo shrimp are pretty easy, but they like to find ways into your filter. And they are filter feeders which makes them a bit tricky to feed. If you see them feeding off the gravel it means they're desperate for food.

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