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Thread: Question about Blue Mystery Snail

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    Question Question about Blue Mystery Snail

    Hello TF'ers

    A few days ago I got a Blue Mystery Snail for my U. Gibba tank. It's pretty big, about 1 1/2" shell. The problem is, I have a "colony" of brown pond snails in the same tank and I'm not sure if they will get along. I have seen the pond snails on the blue mystery snail's shell and even on his actual body. I'm worried that they might be agitating him/her or that the pond snails might try to eat him (I have seen their carnivorous behavior, eating dead fish or insects)
    Can they live together?



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    I don't know if pond snails can be aggressive to a mystery snail but you could try some predatory "assassin snails" to combat them although I don't know if the assassins would also go after your larger mystery snails.

    I feel your pain, I hate pond snails. Thankfully my vampire crabs seems to enjoy them...

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