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Thread: Ivory montezumae swords!

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    My friend Dr. Bruce Turner is the world's authority on Riv. Marmaratus. Bruce maintains a lab with 1500 of the little weirdos. Here's his webpage <>. Fascianting stuff.

    I raise grindals in rubbermaid 10x4x4 containers with pin holes poked in the top. I put in 3/4 soaked damp peat moss mixed with 1/4 soaked damp organic potting soil to fill half of the container. I feed Omega One Goldfish Flakes as the worms love the salmon base flakes. Other flake food would do or even pulverized Kitty Chow. Wet the Kitty Chow. The Omega flakes I just sprinkle in dry. I feed maybe a tablespoon of flakes or a 1/2 teaspoon of pulverized moistened Kitty Chow 2-3 times weekly. Flakes are the best. Oatmeal will work too but the high protein flaked salmon base food makes for alot of worms. Keep the soil damp but not soaked. Start a new culture every 3 months or so. I keep at least 2 going in case one crashes. 70-84F is fine. To harvest, I cut the full center out of a plastic coffee can top and put that on top of the dirt and put the flakes on that. In 24-48 hours worms are all over the plastic top eating. Then its easy to lift it out and swish them into a bowl of clean water and feed the fish.
    Microworms I raise on cheap white bread made damp with water and with a tbsp of uncooked oatmeal mixed in and a 1/2 tsp of brewers yeast. I put that in 4x4x4 inch food storage containers and fill them up with media to about a 1/2 inch deep and poke pin holes in the top. The worms are at room temp. When they bloom and crawl up the sides, I just swipe them off the sides of the container with my finger and swish them in a bowl of water. Then I use a baster to distribute to tanks and fry. Once the worms are starting to climb up the sides I start new cultures so as to have a never ending supply.

    Great news on the daphnia.

    I will send the food next weekend or next week.


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    Haha, thats pretty cool, as I visited that site on my search for info on these odd fish. Have you ever tried keeping them? They are agressive, but they might make good "Betta Bowl" subjects. Esp that they don't need mates. They arent all that ugly least in my eyes.

    For grindals, is pure potting soil possible? Don't think I would use Cp growing medium...LOL

    No kitties, so I guess this is where ancient cans of flake will go.

    BTw, have you received your box? We sent it out. Couldn't resist giving you a tip...or maybe that will cover shipping on the live food.

    Okay, the extra wasn't my idea...
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