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Thread: My first betta finally departed...

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    Through three houses, terrible troubles, emotional pain, one thing has always been the same.

    I bought a betta out of the blue four years ago...beautiful red veil tail. Honestly, tail fin was a good five inches or so.

    I've seen many fish come and go from tank to's always the first that you remember the most.

    Long life for a betta in captivity...nice and full. Natural death and everything.

    Life starts a new, and so shall I.

    Farewell betta. Farewell.
    Lithops care info: If you take care of it, it will die.

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    Boy, did you do well! Did he have the opprtunity to do the nuptual embrace thing? When I was a teen I had 8 tanks, mostly for breeding anabantids.

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