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Thread: Tank pics!

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    Well, its been a while. About 4 months later, and probably a million fish/plant/algae/etc. articles down the road, my tank is finaly established (or close enough). This wasn't to hard, mainly because I already had the lighting, and tank already down. Here are some specs:
    20gal long
    Red flourite subsrate
    Plants (of course!):
    Ludwigia Repens
    Java fern
    Rotalata Indica
    Water Wisteria
    Banana plant
    Unknown cryp, or anubias, it doesn't matter, its dying anyways
    Black Mollies
    Sunset Fire Platies
    Rubber Pipped Pleco
    Penguin Bio-wheel 170
    DIY CO2 injection
    And without further adue
    Full tank shot

    Left side...


    Right side....

    And there you have it. If you have to laugh, just dont do it loud enough for me to hear in arizona. I learned a lot from this tank. Note to self: Wait until tank is up and running to order plants, make sure that siphon tube is in bucket and not on carpet, water conducts electricity. Anyways....
    And though the Heavens and the Earth pass away.

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    No, just kidding... Very beautiful planted tank! It would be even better with the right fish in it! (im not saying you don't ahve the right fish, but i mean, that tank is fit for harder to grow, and rarer, species! You should try a few... i bet those ivory montys would love it!)

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    Nice for a first attempt! The elodea is looking great! In my tanks they tend to get to long and then the leaves start to shrink as it crawls along the surface, so I cut them in half every once in a while. I would reccomend adding some driftwood and attaching plants to it for more shape to this tank. A foreground would be nice. Java moss would be an undemanding foreground, as would dwarf sag.

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