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Thread: Back hopefully

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    Hi all.

    My comp died a few months back.. And for some reason these forums tripped the filter at school, dunno what it was. And the computer lab ner.. agh guys, believe there system is perfect, unfortunatly that left me SOL to get back here. Anyway my comp stands as dead, but I picked up a network card for my old toshiba laptop. And now I am back for aslong as this notebook holds up. New comp is going to have to wait until I 1) Stop buying plants.. 2) get next semesters Financial Aid check.

    Ok now the important stuff, an update on my plants.

    My Pinguicula 'Mola' split, I now have 4 Pinguicula 'Mola' plants.

    Pinguicula 'Koehres' is putting up a flower.

    Pinguicula moctezumae split, now have 2 of them, and the one still hasn't stopped flowering. Since I have got it, not 1 day has gone by that it hasn't had a flower open. Now it has even picked up the pace and has 2 open with a third on the way up.

    Been waiting for some other Pings that i wanted to try crosses with to flower. Finally a few have started..

    From the 1" plug of Utricularia livida I started with 6-7 months ago. I now have a 8" pot that I can't see the peat in, at least 40-50 flower scapes up, most average about 8 flowers per scape, the most from one was 14. It's alittle past full bloom now, but it looks like there is another round starting.
    I noticed that very few produce seed, and the ones that do don't produce very much. sometimes just 2-3 seeds per pod, max has been 10 if that.

    Hmm anything else..

    Oh, My Nepenthes ramispina is doing great, got it as just alittle guy, should be some pictures here somewhere, anyway, it now has 5 pitchers largest being 2-2 1/2". Just kickin the crud out of the N. sanguinea, I got at the same time, same size.

    Everything on my growlist took 2 nights of frost, some interesting results from that.

    Drosera capillaris took it the worst. All leaves died, however the unopened leaves did fine and are starting to open up now that it is inside.

    I have 2 different forms of Utricularia longifolia, one didn't even flinch. The second went underground, all the leaves turned brown. Now that it is inside I can see it coming up again, but in a way larger area of the pot then it was in before.
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    Glad you finally got straightened out and are back to group. Sounds like your plants are doing well.
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