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Thread: NECPS December

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    Hi everyone -

    Here is this month's newsletter and details on December's Holiday meeting.


    New England Carnivorous Plant Society
    December 2005 newsletter

    Winter has arrived in New England, all the outdoor hardy plants are completely dormant, the tropicals had better be inside safe and warm, and soon thoughts will turn to stratifying seeds for spring growth. A lot has gone on at the NECPS the past several months, and more exciting things are coming up soon!

    At the November meeting of the Society there was a wrap up discussion on the October show. Everyone enjoyed the show, and lots of good ideas were tossed around while they were still fresh in everyone?s mind. Lots were put down on paper, and a committee was set up for planning the 2006 show already. Hopefully the committee will decide on a chairperson at the December meeting, and any idea can be forwarded to them for the 2006 show. A website has been set up to be used as a clearing house for show and NECPS ideas, at:
    If you have any ideas or comment for the past or future shows, feel free to post them on the Yahoo website. Anyone may go and check out the ideas, and please feel free to constructively comment on any and all of them.

    At the November meeting we discussed the income from the show, and it was decided that the Society donate $50 to the International Carnivorous Plant Society. Some of the ICPS officers were instrumental in the early days of our society, helping get contacts and ideas for what became the NECPS.
    The ICPS is a great international group, and if any NECPS members are not members of the ICPS, you should consider joining. There is a link to the ICPS from our website.

    Also at the November meeting, we discussed the form that the NECPS will take, and virtually everyone agreed that we should keep things loose and easy, with the exception of the legal and financial responsibilities. The purpose of the society is to enjoy the plants, and everyone seemed to be in agreement that there was no sense in getting bogged down in procedures and such at the meetings.

    The society DOES need a few more officers. As we grow larger and do more things, there needs to be more involvement by more people in the planning and monthly running of the society. It was discussed and decided at the November meeting that we would vote for 2 officers at the December meeting. The two positions are:

    Secretary: to take notes, work on the newsletter, keep track of society ideas, goals and such, and be a voice in key decision making situations. This person would be part of the Board of the NECPS.

    Vice President: to assist the president and fill in when necessary, and be another voice in key decision making situations. This person would also part of the Board of the NECPS.

    We need people to run for these 2 positions, and if more than one-person runs for either we shall vote on them at the December meeting. If you are interested in either of these positions, please contact me by email or phone as early as possible before the December meeting. These are important positions at the Society and we welcome anyone who would want to be a part of the decision making and running of the society to run for either of these positions!

    Mike Stiffler has agreed to take on the job of coordinating the plant care sheets that we would like to make available. We want to eventually have a ?New Member packet? that goes to all people who join the society, and the plant care sheets would be part of that, along with being available to people who purchase plants at our show. We need people to write these care sheets!
    Some have been completed, but we have many more to be written! If you?d like to take on the task of writing a one page page (2 sides are ok) sheet on the care of a particular group or genus of CPs, please talk to Mike about this. . You may email him at or post on the Yahoo group.

    The December meeting is always one of the most anticipated, most fun meetings of the year. Members are invited to bring any holiday treat to eat for the table, and the society will have more substantial food there also. And of course, we will once again have the NECPS Yankee swap! For those who have never attended a Yankee swap, all you need to do to be a part is to bring a wrapped plant related gift, (suggested retail $10) and you can take part in the activities! ( The $10 is a loose guide, and many members have donated plants that were raised from seed or cuttings, that are worth MORE that $10, but that they raised themselves) For those who have never been to a Yankee swap, it is a lot of fun (and sometimes more cutthroat than the silent auctions). There have been some amazing things at the Yankee swap, and it is always a fun time.
    Rules for the Yankee swap:

    ? Each member is asked to bring a Carnivorous plant related gift, wrapped, to the meeting. The cost should be no more than $ 10. (But last year, a few cheated and there were some great items and plants!!)
    ? The gifts will be assembled, and all society members who bring a gift will draw numbers out of a hat.
    ? The first person, (#1) will go and pick the gift of their choice, and open it. All members will OOOOHH and AAAAAHHHHH.
    ? The Second person will choose a gift and open that gift. That person has the choice, of keeping their gift, or swapping with any gift that has been taken already, that someone has. And so on and so on.
    ? When the last person has picked the last gift, and decided what they want, either their gift or someone else?s, the choice goes back to the very first person, #1, They have their choice of swapping with anyone who has a gift!
    You never know what will happen, or what you may end up with till the very end! So, everyone, please bring a plant related wrapped gift and join in the Yankee swap!

    The next meeting of the NECPS will be this Saturday, 10 December at 12:30 PM in the greenhouses of Roger William?s Park, Providence, RI.
    As usual, there will be the display table for anyone wishing to show off a plant, and we will have the silent auction also. Please feel free to donate or bring plants for the silent auction table.

    I hope to see everyone at the meeting!

    Enjoy the world..and good growing

    John Phillip, Jr

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    man, i wish I had known about the yankee swap earlier...I hope the gift I ordered arrives on time!

    though I am excited to (finally) be able to go to a meeting and meet everyone!

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    It's the best meeting of the year - with the exception of the Annual Plant Show.

    Here's some pics of the festiities from last year's...

    The Yankee Swap begins...

    Priscilla, who had one of the last pics, snagging away the seedling heat mat from me... no, really, it doesn't bother me anymore, really.

    Andrea opens a Charles Clarke Nep book.

    Candy and a book.

    Candy closeup.

    Mike gets some cephs!

    John, will he snag the cephs??

    Dr. Matt's flowering roridula.

    It's gonna be a grand time. Hope some of you can make it!!

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